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Where Nature's Healing Power Meets Equine and Human Wellness!

Our Promise:
Experience the wonders of Maks Magic as our products draw out excess fluid from body tissues, reducing inflammation, enhancing connective tissue repair, and improving overall mobility for both equines and humans.

Why Maks Magic?

Passion and Dedication: Born from the passion of a barrel racer who was tired of ineffective and expensive poultices, Maks Magic Mud is the culmination of years of research and trials with my own horses.

Quality and Effectiveness: Our journey began with a commitment to quality and effectiveness, driven by the desire to provide top-tier care for performance horses.

A Heartfelt Mission: The true turning point came after losing my beloved horse to an extreme case of EPM. Helping her in the fight opened my eyes to the need for this kind of support in equine products. That's when I decided to offer Maks Magic Mud to the public.

Universal Care: Designed to help all equines—regardless of their level—feel their best, Maks Magic Mud uses safe, natural, and effective ingredients. Created by a barrel racer who understands the demands of equine athletes, our poultice keeps horses on the road and performing at their peak. Whether you're competing with 1D or 4D horses, they all deserve to feel like a million bucks.

The Story Behind Mak!

Maks Magic Mud

From rejuvenating tendons and alleviating pain to reducing inflammation and enhancing mobility—this poultice is where our legacy began.